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About Susquehanna hillel 

and jewish life at susqehanna university

Susquehanna Hillel is a growing and active community on campus. While we are a small community on campus, we are both active and growing. Together, we learn about Judaism and Jewishness, prepare and eat meals together, work to make our world a better place, and serve as a place where students can wrestle with their own cultural, spiritual, and religious identities.

Is hillel a place for me?

Whether or not you... eating bacon or you keep kosher, you have a place here! 

...have never set foot in a synagogue or you attended services regularly, you have a place here!

...are fluent in Hebrew or have never learned the Hebrew alphabet, you have a place here!

...believe in G-d or are an atheist, you have place here!

...are Jewish or are not Jewish but interested in Judaism, you have a place here!

the hillel house

The Hillel House is the hub of Jewish life and Hillel events on campus. It is also a place where students can hang out and study - click here for more information about the House and click here for house rules and how to request key-card access for the House. 

shabbat dinners/friday evening meals

We welcome in Shabbat (the Sabbath) on Friday evenings with a festive meal and blessings over candles, grape juice, and challah. Meals are free and open to all! 

While most shabbat dinners are held at the Hillel House, approximately once a month, Hillel hosts a larger Shabbat dinner elsewhere on campus to accommodate larger attendance. These meals are catered, but are still free (and delicious)! 

high holidays/chagim

We celebrate the High Holidays together at the Hillel House and at the nearby Congregation Beth-El in Sunbury, PA. For information about the High Holiday schedule, please click here. To RSVP for High Holiday services or meals, please click here.

Anyone is welcome at our services: Jewish or not Jewish, observant or not observant, Hebrew-literate or not.


Pesach (Passover) is celebrated at Susquehanna University with a student-led, campus wide First Night Seder. With over 150 attendees, it is one of Hillel's best attended celebrations!

For more information about Passover at Hillel, and to see photos from seders from previous years, please click here. 

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