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the hillel house

The Hillel house is the hub for Jewish life at Susquehanna. We use the house for many of our programs, holiday celebration, and Shabbat dinners. In addition to our programs, students regularly use the house as a space to relax, learn and hang out.  

We are committed to being a welcoming space for all students regardless of background: everyone, regardless of religious background is welcome at the Hillel House. We are also committed to be a Jewish space where Jewish students to grow in their Jewish identities. Our kitchen (מִטְבָּח)  is a space where students learn about Jewish cooking and dietary rules. We ask that visitors only bring vegetarian or vegan food into the house until they receive training in kashrut, (כַּשְׁרוּת) the rules of keeping kosher. Following the laws of kashrut, we separate meat and dairy at all of our meals, serving either a meat meal or a dairy meal. All meat meals use only kosher certified ingredients on our meat dishes whereas our dairy meals are "kosher-style" or "ingredients-kosher."

We are thankful to have three rooms in the upstairs of the house in which students can relax, hang out, and study. Our students relax upstairs in our meditation room (מֶדִיטָצִיָה), learn and study in our beit midrash (study hall) (בַּיִת מִדְרָשׁ) and hang out and watch TV and movies in our Television (טֶלֶוִיזְיָה) rooms. 

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