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About us

Susquehanna Hillel is a vibrant hub of Jewish life at Susquehanna University. We are an outlet for students to explore and define their own Jewish identity. Hillel  encourages students to grow and develop intellectually, socially and religiously. We ask each student to discover their own path to integrate their Jewish development into their life choices and expressions.

We are a very active small Jewish community at Susquehanna University. Our community and student leaders take an active role in cultivating and growing Jewish life on campus. We regularly welcome students regardless of background to learn and grow with us. Hillel encourage students to get involved with helping to support and facilitate our community.  

We are proud to be affiliated with Hillel International.


Goldstein-Weis Hillel House

We are deeply grateful for the use of Hillel House. The Goldstein-Weis Hillel house is our hub for Jewish Life at Susquehanna. Almost every Friday at our weekly shabbat dinner our homemade challah comes out of the oven. The smell of fresh bread is the best way for us to say welcome!!

On low weeks about 10 students are able to sit around a table and enjoy a relaxing shabbat meal at the end of their week. At our maximum up to 35 people pack into our living room and dining room and enjoy a delicious student made shabbat dinner and terrific conversation.

Hillel house is also a space for a multitude of activities. These activities include, movie nights, sleep overs, Hebrew learning and bagel brunches. It is also a space where students come to hang out, relax or study when we do not have programming.


As a small Jewish community we consistently do outreach to the wider university community. This means that friends and partner organizations are welcomed and invited to our programs as we engage in conversation. Our leaders are also committed to outreach and support partners in events which share our values. Our work to cultivate these cross- cultural relationships is at the core of who we are. We are committed to being a supportive space to students regardless of gender, race, identity or sexual orientation. 


This picture is of scholar Lewis Gordon who shared his expertise on Afro-Jewish identity. 

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Our annual Passover seder is a campus wide event. With about 150 participants annually it is an event that our student leaders plan and facilitate. The seder is a spectacular example of what our campus does. Choral groups, piano and silly songs invite Jewish students to grow and encourage non-Jewish students to learn about and deepen their Jewish understanding. This event is a highlight of our year's activities.

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