susquehanna Hillel student Executive Board


Sami Koitz


President and Engagement Associate

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Molly C. Young


Vice President


Ellie Betheil





Lili Soares

Treasurer and Engagement Associate

sami koitz, she/her, president

Hi! My name is Sami Koitz. I am a junior at Susquehanna University with a double major in Communication Studies and International Studies with a concentration in diplomacy; I additionally have a minors in Mathematics, History, and am in my university’s honors program. Throughout my time at Susquehanna, I have joined many club sports and organizations including: the crew team (coxswain,) equestrian team, and I am a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha (currently serving as Risk Reduction and Education Chair.) In addition, I am employed as a Student Ambassador where I give tours of SU and interact with prospective students. I'm excited to serve as the President of Hillel since I Hillel has provided my so many amazing opportunities and I'm excited to give back to the organization and help it grow!

molly C. young, they/them, vice president 

My name is Molly C. Young (they/them) and I am a sophomore music major with a music technology here at Susquehanna. I am from just outside of Harrisburg, PA, and I spend my free time working sound at Stretansky Hall, practicing my instruments, and playing video games with my friends. Hillel and Jewish life are a big passion of mine, and I am so excited to share that energy as your Vice President. Hillel has made room for me to engage in my Jewish identity, and I am hoping for it to grow and allow other students the same opportunity! 

ellie betheil, she/her, secretary 

My name is Ellie Betheil and I’m from Maplewood, New Jersey. I am a first year here at Susquehanna majoring in advertising and public relations. I serve as the secretary on the Hillel board and am on the women’s soccer team. I’m super excited to be involved in Jewish life on campus as I was raised in a welcoming Jewish community, grew up going to Jewish sleep away camp, and being apart of Jewish youth groups.

lili soares, she/her, treasurer and engagement associate

Bio to come!