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Request Key Card Access to the 
Hillel House
The Hillel House is open from 6am-12am daily. Do you agree to never be in the House during the hours of 12:01am-5:59am?
The Hillel House is a shared space. Additionally, it holds several important religious objects. Smoking, vaping, the use of illegal drugs, and sexual acts are inappropriate in the Hillel House. Do you agree to not engage in these behaviors in the Hillel House?
The kitchen in the Hillel House is kosher/kosher style. All food brought in the Hillel House should be vegan or vegetarian. Kosher meat food may be brought into the House only after you have received training in Kashrut. Do you agree?
We would love to learn a bit more about you. Which of the following best describe you?

Thanks for submitting! Carla Krissinger, Senior Admin for Diversity and Inclusion, will be in touch with you shortly.

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