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Our Engagement Associates learn about emotional intelligence, social network theory, and about contemporary American Jewish college students. The goal of the Engagement Associate is to ensure that all S.U. students interested in Hillel or Jewish Life services know about us and how to reach us.


They are paid to take other students out to coffee and chat with them about what is important to them! A knowledge and interest in Susquehanna University Hillel and Jewish Life is required for this position, and any knowledge about Judaism or Jewish identity is a plus. You do not need to be Jewish to be an Engagement Associate with us!





& librarian

Jewish Life hires House Managers to make sure the Hillel House is tidy and up to our standards. The kitchen manager makes sure that the food in our kitchen is organized, kosher, and ensures that dishes are washed after our meals.

The librarian ensures that the books in the Hillel library are organized and catalogued correctly.

Routine cleaning (cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, etc.) is performed by SU Maintenance and is not a part of this position.

Any student is welcome to apply to these jobs, but interest in the Hillel and Jewish Life community is a plus.

A willingness to learn about and abide by the kosher rules of the Hillel House kitchen is crucial for this position. You do not need to be Jewish to be a House Manager: Kitchen Manager or House Manager: Librarian with us! 

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